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History of ASOS

History of ASOS

AsSeenOnScreen or better known as ASOS was established by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths on June 3, 2000 in Great Britain. This is actually an online fashion and beauty shop. Over the years, it has rapidly grown and gotten popular. It has its own line of clothing and accessories aside from the over 850 brands that has since started selling through ASOS. It specializes in retailing fashion and beauty products like women’s wear, men’s wear, footwear, accessories, jewelries, and a variety of beauty products.

This is an international company shipping to over 140 countries with bases in the UK, US, China, and other parts of Europe. As with other companies, it started as a small shop delivering only in the Greater Britain area, but as it expanded and more and more clients signed up, it also expanded its range until it reached its status today. Currently, ASOS PLC has net assets of £237.3 million making it one of the most profitable online shops, not just in Britain but all over the world.

It has made several milestones over its 16 years of operation as well. In 2001, it was admitted to the Alternative Investment Marker (AIM) on the London Stock Exchange. Its name was also changed from AsSeenOnScreen Holdings PLC and AsSeenOnScreen Limited to ASOS PLC and Limited. In 2013, ASOS opened its first office outside the South West, in Birmingham as well as in Russia and China. It was not all milestones though, they also had several downfalls. The Buncefield Fuel Depot explosion in 2005 closed ASOS for 6 weeks and £5 million worth of stocks was lost. Similarly, in 2013, ASOS had to recall belts contaminated by radioactive cobalt – 60, causing a significant loss in profit. The latest was in 2014 where a fire in their Barnsley warehouse caused the freezing of all orders for almost three days. Even with these, ASOS maintains to have over 4000 employees. It also never fails to help, ASOS teamed up with breast cancer awareness charity called CoppaFeel in 2015 to raise awareness on breast cancer.


ASOS mainly targets shopper in their teens. They offer the newest trends of fashion. It gives a new definition to high – end shopping. You can basically, shop for the hottest trends with just a click of a button and have it delivered on your doorstep too! It is indeed very convenient to both parents and teens.

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