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ASOS Review

ASOS Review

ASOS is actually an online shopping website. Just like most companies, it started small in the United Kingdom and has grown over the years. From a national company, it has expanded to become an international one. What is amazing about this company is that, yes they had some milestones but they also had several downfalls but it remained strong. It never faltered to become one of the most popular and best shopping websites in the world. There were also several strong competitors but it was able to withstand them all and make a mark in the e-commerce industry.

ASOS has over 4000 employees worldwide. Yes, they have several branches abroad. Since orders are coming from 140 different countries, they have set branches in ideal countries to make shipping and deliveries faster, more convenient and less costly. Another reason is that, they want to maintain a good name by providing the best service there is.


Initially, the company targeted shoppers on their teens and on their 20s. However these days, shoppers from all age brackets are welcome, both men and women. This online fashion and beauty retailer offers women’s wear, men’s wear, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products too. They have over 850 sellers on their website and they have also developed their own line of clothing and accessories. It is for this reason that their customers have grown in numbers. With ASOS, there is no need to go to shopping centers or other unreliable websites for shopping. It is also no longer needed to jump from one online store to another just to purchase all your needs. Jumping from one website to another at times put your personal information at risk of getting stolen. This could also initiate a disorder on your shopping wherein shopping all your needs from one reliable website is quite convenient. With ASOS, shopper can choose from a wide range of products, depending on your mood and style. You can specify the particular product you are looking for through its keyword search. This is especially helpful in narrowing down your options, giving you the most suitable one. This also helps you choose what you really want anytime, anywhere. So long as you have your gadgets, you can shop on their website or through their app. You can contact ASOS directly.



When it comes to the quality of its products, you can say that the company is quite competitive internationally. Even celebrities and rich personalities find ASOS shopping quite convenient. This not only proves its quality, but its reliability as well.

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